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Top 10 Lord of the Rings Characters

Posted: September 20, 2010 by MasterShake in Media, Top 10's

This weeks list is about one of the greatest series of all time in both books and movies, The Lord of the Rings. I have chosen my 10 favourite characters in the series, keep in mind this is entirely based on the movies series as I wanted to spare a lot of the detail.

Number 10: Boromir

Boromir son of Denethor II was honourable, noble and passionately believed in the greatness of his kingdom and would have defended it to the last man. Part of the fellowship he swore to defend the ring bearer and destroy the One Ring. Unfortunately being a man he started to become corrupted by the One Ring and tried to take it. He was killed by General Lurtz as he fought defending the fellowship as he swore. He died honourably after delivering a heartfelt speech to Aragorn in which he “bowed down” to his King.

Best Quote: [ To Aragorn ] “I would have followed you my brother, my captain…….My king.”



Top 10 Fictional Aliens

Posted: September 6, 2010 by MasterShake in Media, Top 10's

This weeks Top 10 will be Top 10 Fictional Alien Races , but not just any aliens, the best aliens. Whether there are good or bad towards the human race these aliens are the best because of their powers, abilities etc. So sit back and reminisce about the movies, games and books you’ve seen these aliens in.

Number 10: Babel Fish (The Hitcherhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

The Babel Fish is a small leech like creature. Sounds like nothing but this fish has the ability to translate any language into the hearers language. The user inserts the fish into his/her ear and it translates by eating sound waves and excreting sounds that matches the users language. What makes this alien great is its ability to break the language barrier and bring different races together.


Top 10 Significant War Events

Posted: August 30, 2010 by MasterShake in History, Top 10's

This weeks Top 10 will be, Significant War events. Unfortunately nearly all of the content of this list is focused on World War I and World War II because I am not learned about recent events like Iraq and Iran. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy this list and maybe I will write a list in the future about more recent events.

Number 10: Liberation of the Nazi Concentration Camps

Ever since Hitler’s attempt to rise to power in the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, Antisemitism was a key part of the Nazi ideology. When Hitler was in prison, serving time for his attempted rise to power, he spent his time writing one of the worst books of all time Mein Kampf. In this book he talks about how Jews ruined the German economy, how they were non-human and proposed the idea of his master race, “Aryans” and that anyone who is not Aryan should be exterminated. In 1933 Hitler started his genocide by opening Dachau concentration camp. At first killings weren’t taking place and most deaths occurred by over working and disease as Dachau was a work camp not a death camp. After 1938 the true spirit of the camps were revealed when Jews, gays, black people, the disabled and Slavic people were rounded up all over Europe and killed in camps. When allied soldiers liberated these camps, they put an end the worst act of genocide of all time, over 6 million people died. Allies stopped these war crimes and surely these crimes will be remembered forever as a reminded never to do anything like it again.


Top 10 (Generation I) Pokémon

Posted: August 23, 2010 by MasterShake in Top 10's

This weeks Top 10 will be, Top 10 Pokémon (Generation I). This list is based on my own personal opinion and several things like looks (both in the anime and games), stats and overall coolness were taken into account. So sit back relax and enjoy my top 10 Pokémon.

Number 10: Muk

Muk gets a spot on my list because well he’s muck. He’s literally living sludge. In the anime it covers foes in its gooey body choking them and poisoning, not to mention the smell. None of the characters could stand it. When a Pokémon vomits on another Pokémon as an attack, you know its badass and something you don’t want to mess with.

Number 9: Mewtwo

How could Mewtwo not be on this list. He could telepathically link with humans and other Pokémon, he could lift and manipulate things with his mind and he’s generally accepted to the strongest Pokémon of all time, even stronger than its cloned brother Mew. Mewtwo also “spoke” in a deep intimidating voice, a voice which caused people to tremble in fear. Not to mention this Pokémon is basically the reason why the Master Ball was made.

Number 8: Golduck

Golduck is a blue duck. If you have seen Billy Madison then you will know the famous quote, ” I drew the duck blue because I’ve never seen a blue duck before.” Yes, people have never seen blue ducks before and this Pokémon broke boundries in blue duck civil rights. People now respect blue ducks but never take for granted the strides taken by this duck. ITS QUACKTASTIC!!!!

Number 7: Kabutops

The thing about this Pokémon is that its has blades for hands. Can you imagine what a Pokémon with blades for hands can do? Tear anything to shreads, cut through countless objects and end anythings life swiftly. Also this Pokémon is millions of years old and is the only one of its kind because its the 3rd Pokémon on this list to be created by man.

Number 6: Hitmonlee

Hitmonlee. The reason why this Pokemon is cool is because its based on one of the coolest people of all time: Bruce Lee. Hitmonlee, Bruce Lee see the resemblance. This Pokémon kicked other Pokémons asses by using skilled and percise kicks over and over. Look at its legs: this Pokémon was made for kicking and it was also made for this list.

Number 5: Dragonite

Dragonite is on this list because it’s badass. Its playful personality is just a ruse to lure other unwilling pokemon to their doom by sheer power. Its just a fact that dragons are cool and how could you go wrong with a dragon like Dragonite. In the games its pre-evolved forms are lame. “Oh I just caught some snake thing, okay”. But then it evolves into some huge dragon thing. Come on.

Number 4: Alakazam

Alakazam its just down right cool. Its like the old sensé of Pokémon. Its moustache and spiked eyes testify to this. You can just imagine this Pokémon, living up in the mountains somewhere giving advice to weary travelers seeking knowledge, and as we all know old man sensés can beat ANYONE in a fight.

Number 3: Marowak

Marowak is just cool. Its just fact. The reason why this marowak is so cool you say? Its because its wields a bone that can KO any pokemon from afar. Also this Pokémon’s history, nobody has ever seen its real face because of the skull covering its head. Also the bone it carries means that it KILLED another Pokémon and uses its bones as a weapon. Thats right it didn’t make it faint, Marowak killed it. Its like the Lone Warrior of Pokémon and thats why it gets number 3. The only set back is that it doesnt carry 2 bones.

Number 2: Blastoise

This Pokémon has cannons on its back!!! This Pokémon is like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Pokémon. Its big, mean, strong and can shoot water with enough force to blast things apart, hence the name Blastoise. Also this Pokémon is a mascot for the game. The creators knew Blastoise was awesome and they knew everybody would love him. The only reason it’s not number 1 it’s because my personal preference.

Number 1: Charizard

Alright you saw it coming but I mean come on how could this not be number 1. Look at it! A fire breathing dragon with a roar loud enough to make marines scream like little girls and fire hot enough to melt anything. In everyone’s personal Pokémon team they always had a Charizard no matter what. Thats how awesome it was. Everyone liked it. This pokemon was also a mascot of the game and the battle between Blastoise and Charizard will rage on forever and Charizard’s uhhmm “charm” made me a Charizard fanboy ever since I was young.