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Play of the Week 10/10/10

Posted: October 10, 2010 by Narruc in Play of the Week

Play of the Week 3/10/2010

Posted: October 3, 2010 by Narruc in Play of the Week

The play of the week title for the past seven days I have devided will be awarded to the writer of this article:

Eight Pokemon revelations you may have never noticed.

Go read it. Now.

Play of the Week 26/9/2010

Posted: September 26, 2010 by Narruc in Play of the Week

Let me start by saying that I am in no way a bird fanatic and have never found them particularly interesting. However, when you tell me about a camera that has been strapped to an eagle which can travel at up to 200 MPH, you begin to arouse my interest.

Check out the full story here.

Play of the Week 19/9/2010

Posted: September 19, 2010 by Narruc in Play of the Week

This guy has, arguably, the scariest job the world. You can make up your own mind. Personally, I think he’s slightly insane.

Play of the Week 12/9/2010

Posted: September 12, 2010 by Narruc in Play of the Week

This weeks ‘play of the week’ does not fit with the usual light heartedness that normally accompanies these posts. However, Brian Wood’s unbelievable act of bravery cannot go unmentioned.  Mr. Woods made the ultimate sacrafice any man can make for his family by laying down his life to protect them. This story is truely inspiring and there’s nothing more I think I have to add.

Read the full story here.

Play of the week 5/9/2010

Posted: September 5, 2010 by Narruc in Play of the Week

Taking home the ‘play of the week’ title for the past seven days is Cha Sa-soon, a South Korean grandmother who has finally passed her driving test after 960 attempts.

A congratulations is of course in order but the real issue here is, how can you be so thick that you fail your driving test almost a thousand times? Surely that’s a new level of stupidity?

I’m going to have to sleep on this one.

Play of the Week 29/8/2010

Posted: August 29, 2010 by Narruc in Play of the Week

This week, the coveted ‘play of the week’ title goes to Lola, the 4 year old cat who was grabbed by a woman walking down the street and thrown into a wheelie bin. Lola spent 15 hours in the bin before being rescued by her owner and it cannot be denied that this cat is a true warrior and has done more to raise awareness of animal abuse than countless organizations have done over the past few years. Keep up the good work, Lola!

Play of the Week 22/8/2010

Posted: August 22, 2010 by Narruc in Play of the Week

Play of the week is a brand new feature we’ve decided to introduce to the blog in order to bring a little consistency. Every Sunday you’ll find a ”play of the week” here, which will basically be a news story from the past week that we found particularly entertaining.

Our very first play of the week goes to US President, Barack Obama, for unintentionally convincing 18% of Americans that he’s a Muslim. That’s almost 1 out of every 5 US citizens.

Of course, the story itself is funny but it doesn’t reach the heights of hilarity provided by the videos, images and articles which spawned after it.

So, Mr Obama, we thank you for you accidental powers of persuasion and the entertainment and laughter which they subsequently provided!