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Top 10 Significant War Events

Posted: August 30, 2010 by MasterShake in History, Top 10's

This weeks Top 10 will be, Significant War events. Unfortunately nearly all of the content of this list is focused on World War I and World War II because I am not learned about recent events like Iraq and Iran. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy this list and maybe I will write a list in the future about more recent events.

Number 10: Liberation of the Nazi Concentration Camps

Ever since Hitler’s attempt to rise to power in the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, Antisemitism was a key part of the Nazi ideology. When Hitler was in prison, serving time for his attempted rise to power, he spent his time writing one of the worst books of all time Mein Kampf. In this book he talks about how Jews ruined the German economy, how they were non-human and proposed the idea of his master race, “Aryans” and that anyone who is not Aryan should be exterminated. In 1933 Hitler started his genocide by opening Dachau concentration camp. At first killings weren’t taking place and most deaths occurred by over working and disease as Dachau was a work camp not a death camp. After 1938 the true spirit of the camps were revealed when Jews, gays, black people, the disabled and Slavic people were rounded up all over Europe and killed in camps. When allied soldiers liberated these camps, they put an end the worst act of genocide of all time, over 6 million people died. Allies stopped these war crimes and surely these crimes will be remembered forever as a reminded never to do anything like it again.