My Top 10 Video Games

Posted: December 2, 2010 by MasterShake in Gaming

This list is based on my personal experiences with these games and the things I liked about them, gameplay, music, characters and plot (to say the least).

Number 10: Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

I remember first encountering this game when I was very young and it left an impression on me. This game was first on handheld systems (GameBoy) and it was even remade into a colour version and spawned two more games, The Oracle of Seasons and The Oracle of Ages. The simple artwork, the complex plotline and the extremely vast and well thought out side quests made this one of my favourite games ever, also the fact most of the characters were animals appealed me, as a child of course.

Number 9: Counter Strike

While my experiences with this game are fairly limited, I enjoyed it. This was the first “First Person Shooter” game I ever played and I thought it was kick-ass. I can only remember some of the guns, but I do remember that iconic voice that said “Counter-Terrorists Win” (I was a good boy, no terrorism for me) and the one thing every one remembers about this game. Hacks. This game was dominated by anyone who knew how to manipulate some simple software and cause the game to shoot people through walls, always kill, etc. Not to mention the mods (modifications) people have made for this game.

Number 8: Half Life 2

I have only recently played this game and I want to say I loved it. Although I didn’t get the plot right away I still liked it and the incredibly simple gameplay was entertaining but challenging at the same time too. The famous crowbar to smash you enemies in the face and break crates open is awesome and not to mention the incredibly innovative “Gravity Gun” that uses anything as ammo wooed me. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really annoying parts to and of this game but the above examples of the things I liked, overcame the problems.

Number 7: Age of Empires 3

Age of Empires is an extremely successful franchise dealing with early – modern civilizations and their exploits. It is a “Real Time Strategy” game, as you control everything that happens to your civilization in “Real Time”. The reason I picked the 3rd installment of the franchise was because it was based in one of my favourite areas of history, 1850 onwards. You have a choice to control the main powers at this time in the world such as the British, French, Germans, Ottomans, etc (I was always the Russians) and the idea of a player building an economy, preparing an army and conquering you enemies truly shined in this game.

Number 6: Super Street Fighter 2

Now as we all know there was a million of Street Fighter 2 remakes and reboots, Street Fighter 2, Super Street Fighter 2, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and so on. The reason why I chose Super Street Fighter 2 was because it was exactly the same as the original, except slightly faster and not to mention it left all those shitty characters that nobody cared about out. The characters in this game are truly memorable, everyone knows Ken, Guile, Chun-Li (I always played as her, I dunno, something about those big thighs attracted me as young boy 😉 ) and many more. Anyway, this game was the first fighting game to achieve public attention and its fully deserves it, even in Super Street Fighter IV.

Number 5: Mega Man II

Great gameplay, great music, great plot, what more can be said?
This game in my opinion, is the staple of what 8-bit graphics can produce and in todays world, where things aren’t measured in bits anymore this game is far better than most of the games bloated developers shit out these days. All the PS3 and Xbox360 fanboys need to “politely” SHUT THE FUCK UP and start playing games like this. Just because it isn’t based in Afghanistan or Normandy in 1944 doesn’t mean this game is bad, just because you aren’t some generic British or American soldier killing, often peasants of different political backgrounds doesn’t make the game unplayable. It’s a fantastic game and should be experienced by everyone.

Number 4: Halo: Combat Evolved

My first encounter with this game was when I was around 8, watching my brother play it. This game is extremely good and even as a child I noticed this. Although the plot, story and gameplay is basically the same in its many sequels, it remains great. Not to mention that this game essentially started the phenomenon known as competitive gaming (playing video games against each other competitively) and still its being played by many competitive gamers. With good reason too, the game mechanics made the game easy to play, but hard to become a master at it, because of this it started being played competitively. If anyone plays Halo 3 and the newest Halo: Reach, they should go back to their roots and play their Great-Grandad.

Number 3: Super Mario Bros

Yeah, you saw it coming but I mean come on, how could this not be on the list? Super Mario Bros is responsible for bring gaming back from The Video Crash of 1983 and for obvious reasons. The simple gameplay of running around and jumping on things, collecting coins and power-ups began with this game. We are all familiar with “Sorry, the princess is in another castle” bullshit but aside from that massive fuck you from Nintendo this game is brilliant. If for some bizarre reason you haven’t played this game, shame on you. Also on a side note, this game was the single greatest selling game of all time before being passed out by Wii-Sports.

Number 2: Halo 3


Yeah, I already mentioned a Halo title earlier on the list but this is different. I’m not going to talk about the actual campaign game or plot or anything like that, well because, to be frank, they’re shit. Wait. What? This game is number 2 in my list and it’s shit? Well let me just say, the online multi-player is amazing, I have logged well over hundreds of hours on it. As I previously mentioned competitive gaming is massive for this game and people even make different strategies and even play for money. I played this game with “conviction” for a while and I loved it.

Number 1: Tetris

Designed by a Russian mathematician named Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 this masterpiece (and I use that term seriously, it’s a masterpiece) is the bench mark that all games, not just puzzle game aspire to. Such simple gameplay with a goal that seems reasonable but is actually impossible to achieve sucks you in. There is so much love for this game all over the world that several people have written theses on Tetris and scientists even have a term called the Tetris effect to describe when people try to fit different objects together in their mind. I played this game for years and I still cannot break 350,000 points and I am still trying. That says a lot. Unfortunately because he lived in the U.S.S.R Alexey Pajitnov couldn’t copyright this genius invention and a lot of shitty knock-offs still exist today. Nevertheless this game remains the king of games.


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